Anticipation of all things Fall!

Anticipation of all things Fall!

It's an exciting season!  Well, for those of us who are more inclined to the cold weather and rain anyway.  Here in Indiana, the cold has crept in, and we are in the 60's... finally!

So, of course, we are totally excited about FALL!  The sweatshirts, the pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin donuts and the smell of wet leaves or driving past a home with a wood fire burning fireplace.  Those things elicit such an ethereal response of comfort and memories.

Naturally, around this time, the "busy-ness" of life tends to increase in speed. Maybe it's because retailers keep moving everything back earlier and earlier as the years progress?  We're always in such a rush and want things to be done now.

Personally, I think the right candle, at the right time of year, makes you sit back and relax a bit.  The season coming upon us is a time to slow down, reflect, be around those you love and strengthen bonds.

Now, about the candles...  Just a quick update about the Fall line.  They are in every stage of testing and curing. 

If you've read through the website, you already know that it takes coconut apricot-based candles to cure.  Burn them too early, and they just don't throw the fragrance right.  There again...candles make you slow down and appreciate that the good things in life sometimes require patience.

So that's where we are today.  If all pass the final test after they are cured, we will have a limited quantity of those that get the green light!

We will be doing a slow release of Fall scents, on average, about one a week.... maybe two.  After all, we are just as excited about these scents as we hope you will be!

Stay tuned folks...toasted pumpkin spices, pears, marshmallow and bonfire type scents are coming your way!

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