Fall Scent Rollout!

Fall Scent Rollout!

Whew!  Who knew that testing would ever go so long with so many successes and failures.  But...we are happy to rollout the first three scents in our Fall 2022 lineup!

Kicking it off is Cardamom de Creme and it is possibly our favorite and one we now burn all the time!  It was the most successful in testing and it has a wonderful hot throw!  Think of the warm spices of a chai tea with cream...so comforting.

Spiced Pear Marmalade is a wonderful blend of pear, spices and brandy.  If you've ever had a poached spice pear at Thanksgiving or Christmas, this is that!  It's fruity, it's warm, with a kick of nutmeg and clove.

Last in the lineup this week is A Cozy November!  This is Thanksgiving in a jar!  The donuts, the cinnamon, the smell of autumn leaves and ripe apples...it's all in there...blending together all the scents that bring back comforting memories of great holidays.

There is a limited initial supply until curing is done on more inventory or click on the scents above to see what's in stock.

However, you may want to wait and get a FALL SAMPLER KIT!  Our samplers are the perfect size for testing out which fragrances are your favorites.  The Fall Sampler Pack will consist of 6 Fall scents, in our 3 oz black tin samplers.  Sneak peek...this will include your choice of the scents above as well as Pumpkin Spice Drizzle, Apple Crunch Bake, Bonfire Birch Nights, Iced Cranberry Refresher, and a couple more (if they pass testing)!

Keep watching your email for these blogs!  As things progress and new products hit the shelves, you'll be the first to know!

Remember, if you haven't signed up for Rewards, get those points!  And if you have a favorite scent that you've already tried and love, how about giving us a nice review?

Happy Autumn!  More to come...


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