An Early Valentine...

An Early Valentine...

Of course, the day after Christmas, the retail store shelves were brimming with Valentine's Day chocolates, red, pink and white M&M's and a personal favorite, Lindor Strawberries & Cream truffles.  But weeks before these ruddy treats made it to their retail destinations, my thoughts were brimming with Candl•ogic offerings for the season!

Valentine's Day is a time of glitter, flowers, romance and sparkly things that lovers and, yes, even those relationship-challenged singles, enjoy!  So we are thinking of roses, and fruity smells and cologne and woodsy scents, with plenty of glam and glitter for the ladies!

You can expect beautiful vessels this season in silver, red and rose gold glass vessels (cotton wicks only).  Testing began a week ago and they're all yummy!  But, only about 5 will make the final cut!  Right now, the contenders are rose bouquet, black raspberry and vanilla, Love Spell (Victoria Secret dup) and a few others that are fruity, but no sickeningly so.

I am also working hard at building up the "every day" line of products with more testing each week.  We have a very exciting one coming out for the young, or young at heart, with embeds in them; a Candl•ogic first.  What are embeds?  They are hand poured wax objects that are "embedded" within the wax to give the candle an extra flare!  Excited about this one and several others.  Think pink sugar, cotton candy and breakfast cereals!

People definitely have their favorites.  Bonfire Birch is definitely a top seller, so if you haven't tried that one and you like woodsy smells, it's amazing!  Cranberry Refresher did so well, that I'm considering that one to be an all-year scent.  

There are soooo many fragrances to test, so after Valentine's Day is over, we will slowly release them one at a time.  So, stay tuned!

Now, I have a favor to ask each of you that have bought our candles.  We work quite hard at making sure they are safe and enjoyable for you, and we need to get the word out.  One of the things that helps the most is the way Google "scans" our website for relevancy.  Without folks reviewing products they enjoy, our rankings on Google stay very low and we just don't get noticed.

So, if you haven't already, would you please take the time to rate products on this site that you have tried and enjoyed?  And please don't forget to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  In order to get our store on Instagram working, we need a lot more traffic.  

When you do leave a review and you are signed in to Joy Rewards on this site, you will receive points for doing so!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have purchased our products.  Without you and your support, this business would not have gotten off the ground as quickly as it has, and we are so very appreciative and thankful for each one of you! 

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