Our story and why we do...


It all began with that ꜛ candle...

Candl•ogic was born out of necessity.  I noticed that a surprisingly large amount of our friends and family were wanting to buy and enjoy scented candles, but it would cause them headaches that often turned into migraines or caused sinus issues because they were just too strong.  

Being a huge candle lover who burned candles all year long, I understand the enjoyment and serenity burning a candle can bring, and I didn't want my family to miss out on that enjoyment.  So, I set off on a mission to create a better candle.

Objectives?  Had to be pleasant and distinctive, but easy on the senses.  It also had to be clean and avoid burning materials that had a potential of causing allergic reactions in some, such a soy.  Finally, it had to be something you wanted to keep going back to for more enjoyment, no matter the time of year.

First, the wax.  Though there are many myths surrounding soy and paraffin waxes, like much of our fake news today, that hyped their "toxicity," both remain a popular choice.  This hype was created by a very well-known national candle company vying for more industry revenue for itself.

Guaranteed, if you have ever purchased a candle from a chain or big box store, you've already had one of those two waxes burning in your home.  And there's nothing wrong with that...except for the quality.  Both are highly refined products that have passed all government standards...much like the paraffin you eat in your favorite chocolate bars...  Both waxes are inexpensive, and you are paying top dollar for the cheapest of ingredients.

But we opted for better...did our homework and landed on coconut apricot wax.  Why?  It's cleaner, sustainable, gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and comes from renewable sources and is FDA approved.  It gives you an excellent fragrance release, burns and is consumed evenly and is absolutely in the category of a luxury wax.  When preparing the candle wax for melting, we rub the silky smooth into our skin for moisture.  It's just premium in every way.

 Next, the wick.  Personally, our favorite type of candle hands down, is one with a crackling wood wick.  There's nothing like the euphoric feeling you get when you tune out the world, light a wood wick candle and enjoy the slow burning crackle and fragrance that surrounds you.  So that's what we sought to do.  We began months' worth of testing our coconut apricot wax with all sorts of wooden wicks and found the right fit for each size vessel.  Shortly after that, we focused on cotton wicks that would be a standard option for those who want total quiet.

Lastly, the fragrances.  Now this, as any candle maker will tell you, is not only expensive, but so labor intensive!  Months and months of testing, making mistakes, educating ourselves, multiple variations of fragrance oil percentages to finally achieve both our Regular and Low Throw options.  Rest assured, that each candle we produce has been tested many times over, not just by us, but our friends and family too.  And we don't buy cheap, "watered" down oils to use in our candles like retail stores, who also use additives to increase the scent throw, but still getting away with using the cheapest of ingredients.

So, you may be thinking why choose a premium wax?  Why choose wood wicks?  Why use ingredients that cost more?  Safer products.  Peace of mind.  Healthier alternatives for some consumers.  

You will find our prices are very competitive if you compare apples-to-apples.  You'll also notice our basic labeling and packaging, with the exception of the holiday fragrances, are minimalistic, monochrome with no flashy "bells and whistles."  If we did all those extra things for our everyday products, we would have to pass the cost of all that to you, the consumer.  So, we keep it simple...except for Fall and Christmas!!!  Yeah...we love the holidays!

You'll also notice we don't offer free shipping on every item.  This is a whole long discussion, but to put it into as few words as possible, it's just another psychological marketing ploy to make you think you're paying less, when in fact, you aren't.  No candle manufacturer is going to lose their proverbial shirt to pay your shipping costs (which keep increasing yearly).  All those costs are figured into the price of the candle you're buying, and if you're buying more than one, well, you're paying way more than you should because it's rolled into an individual item's price.

Whew...that was a lot.

 That's why we do what we do.  Hope you get a better picture of why we are in business and that we are a no-nonsense, transparent maker and lover of candles.  Everyone should be able to enjoy a candle...and we know you will fall in love with Candl•ogic!