Here We Grow...

And so the online journey begins!

We have spent the last 7 months testing and planning untold hours to bring you an online version of Candl•ogic and all the truly wonderful products and scents we have to offer.

It may not look like much right now in terms of fragrances, but we have over 72 scents in process and it's just going to take so much more time than anticipated.  Most of that time is wrapped up in testing, beating the supply chain issues and providing quality, luxury scented candles and wax melts to you.

Testing is a huge deal.  Now some people just pour some candles and throw in some fragrance oils willy-nilly (is that how you spell that?!), but we really do take the time...and research and test time.  Because we focus on Low Intensity candles, we need to make sure the throw, or the amount of scent a candle releases, is just right.  Even with all the testing, some may be sensitive than others, so buy those sample tins first!  

We will slowly release more and more of those fragrances to our standard candle lines as we go.  And we may make some newbie mistakes along the way as we dive into ecommerce, but we will take care of you.  And if you haven't already, we encourage you to read Our Story and see what we're all about!

Yes, we have BIG plans for future scents, but all the "normal" scent lines are going to be put on hold here very shortly because........FALL is here! 

Fall scents will be released very soon, so be sure you are signed up to receive emails by clicking here, and keep checking back to this website!  This is the most exciting season coming up...I mean, we are already thinking sweatshirts and apple cider donuts here in Indiana!

If you ever need anything that you're not seeing, don't hesitate to contact us at

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