Candl•ogic Candle Care

Having a great experience and proper burn of your Candl•ogic scented candle comes from proper care.  Despite what people think, you can't just burn it and walk away hoping for it to burn properly each time.  As with anything of value, it takes a little TLC!  Here are some guidelines for you to enjoy and extend the life of your candle.

  • Plan to burn for a minimum of 1 hr., but no more than 4 hrs. at a time
    • Not burning your candle long enough can cause tunneling where the wax doesn’t melt to the edges of the jar. Once you start this tunneling, it will stay that way all the way to the bottom of the jar if you don't burn it long enough.  The candle must be allowed to "warm up."  If you have to leave unexpectedly and the wax isn't melted out to the sides of the jar, plan to come back and burn it again soon until the melt pool is completely touching all sides. The luxury coconut apricot wax we use in our candles is quite forgiving and should catch up, so even if it looks like it’s going to tunnel, it will melt beautifully when properly cared for.
    • 4 hrs. should be the cut-off time for burning your candle.  Though we have tested all our candles thoroughly, burning a candle too long at a time can cause overheating and too much burn-off.  When you have enjoyed it for 4 hrs., allow the wax to cool and harden again, trim the wick and start enjoying again! Store in cool place with lid to keep dust and debris out of the candle.

  • Sooting can be avoided
    • Drafty areas can cause sooting as well as improperly trimmed wicks.  It is common for a candle wick to soot when first lit but should go away upon lighting after it settles into a burn.  If your wick is sooting after the initial burn, the wick may be too long and need a trimming.  See wick trimming below.  

  • After every  burn, your candle needs trimming
    • If you don’t, the wick will create soot until it settles into a burn and you may leave black bits behind in your beautiful candle! Trim cotton wicks to 1/4” and wood wicks to 1/8” before relighting.  In the near future, we are hoping to carry wick trimmers, but for now, you can purchase them online.

  • Know when it's time to say goodbye
    • We know you will enjoy your candle…and you’re going to squeeze the very last out of it…but you should only burn your Candl•ogic candle to the last 1/2” of melted wax. Not stopping at a safe level can result in overheating your jar and the wax, resulting in very bad things, including an “off” scent.

Last and most importantly, THANK YOU for supporting small business! We hope you get as much enjoyment out of your candle as we do making them; a lot of care goes into testing and creating each one!